Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chupperosa in Bloom 02-24-10

Hummingbird Bush in full bloom with snow covered mountains in background.  Photo taken on South Palm Canyon Dr. just north of entrance to the Indian Canyons.

Incight's Joy in Mobility Handcycling Team

Incight's Joy in Mobility Handcycling Team (front row handcyclists from left to right: Robert & Pops... back row handcyclists' support crew, left to right: Zach, Johnathan, Eduardo).
Incight, a non-profit with a mission to maximize educational and employment opportunities for those with disabilities.  Joy in Mobility is a program to provide recreational and employment opportunities for youth and promote the Coachella Valley as a winter handcycling destination while emphasizing non-motorized transportation.

Big Beautiful Trout @ Whitewater Preserve 11-01-09

The old Whitewater Trout Farm has become the Whitewater Preserve.  It is a beautiful park north of the I-10 from the Whitewater Exit.  From Palm Springs the ride is mostly an uphill grade and often with a headwind until one gets onto the Whitewater Road (which is actually part of the Pacific Crest Trail).  A wonderful ride especially when the wind is not blowing.  It's a fast ride back to Palm Springs with great views in all directions.

Andreas Canyon 04-11-10

Looking south from the top of the Andreas Canyon Road in the Indian Canyons just south of Palm Springs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Storm on North Face of Mt. San Jacinto 01-22-08

Winter Storm blotting out Mt. San Jacinto.  Photo taken from the old highway just east of Highway 111 and the I-10 near the Whitewater Freeway Exit.

2 1/2 foot Rattlesnake, Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, CA 09-14-08

Right time of year, right time of day, right temperature and creatures that can create some excitement may join you on the road.

Coyote @ Windy Point north of Palm Springs, CA 12-13-07

Welcome to this Road Kill Blog site.  As all cyclists know, bodies of the various local fauna line our roads and are a sometimes grisly, but not always, opportunity to get to see a variety of the wildlife that share our environment with us.