Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cycling Palm Springs to the Salton Sea, 11-10-2013

Gary, Judy and me at the entrance gate to the Salton Sea State Recreation Area.  Judy is by far the best and nicest gate guard in the history of gate guards.  Thank you Judy, State Recreation Area Volunteer.
 Gary and Mt. San Jacinto from Varner Road just east of Date Palm Dr.
 Gary at Clark's Travel Center in Indio next to the plaque commemorating the sinful fall of Jimmy Swaggart.
 Gary on our off-route Johnson Rd. minor misadventure.  Note that the "CVWD No Trespassing" sign says "No Trespassing" on both sides of the sign.  How could we even be where we were?
The Salton Sea through the windshield of our ride back to Palm Springs....
Today's ride: Palm Springs to the Salton Sea, 51 miles, .  If you should visit the Garmin Map, it shows 4 miles past the end of the ride where I had forgotten to turn the Garmin off.

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