Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Tour de Palm Springs Riders, 01-23-2016


  1. Nice! look at all of those people who travel to Palm Springs just to ride their bike through the desert! Future CVLink riders!

  2. As perhaps one of the last cyclists on the 50-mile route, I passed by some EMT vehicles closing down their operations in the Indio area. Did a serious TdPS collision occur there?

    I also passed by a section of an overpass with construction cones and police who advised caution in crossing the wide and deep seams in the pavement. Had this also been an issue with some TdPS riders?

    1. Tom, I heard that there was a section on one of the routes where a number of cyclists went down hard. That may be what you are referencing. Here is the contact site for the TdPS who can maybe provide the info you are asking for: