Friday, January 1, 2016

Rode to Nowhere, 01-01-2016

 End of Wendy Road off of Tipton Road, Banning Pass.
 The Whitewater River coming out of Whitewater Canyon... surface water in the desert.
Section of Tipton Road that had recently been resurfaced... what's up with that?
I have dedicated today's "ride to nowhere" to those anti-CV Link people who believe CV Link is a "bridge to nowhere," even though it will connect all Coachella Valley communities.
I'm a roadie. I ride to ride. Today I took advantage of this beautiful, clear, cool desert morning to do one of my favorite rides to nowhere. I rode out past Windy Point on Highway 111 to the end of Wendy Rd. and then turned around and rode home. It was a beautiful and peaceful ride. If I had been quicker with my camera I would have been able to photograph a train carrying military weapons of war, especially tanks, reminding me that it isn't peaceful everywhere. I am grateful for what we have here.
Today's ride: 22 miles, End of Wendy Road, out-and-back, .

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