Friday, August 28, 2015

Morning Chat with Bond, 08-28-2015

(Bond Shands riding the Cathedral City section of bike trail along the Whitewater River, 05-17-2013: photo by Rothblatt)

Today on my morning ride I had a chance opportunity for a Jenkin’s Trail bikeway chat with avid cyclist Bond Shands.  As a cycling advocate, Bond deserves kudos for his efforts that led to the City of Palm Springs and the City of Cathedral City installing the bicycle and pedestrian crossing on Cathedral Canyon Road at the Whitewater Channel.  

Today’s chat was a nice coincidence for me since his concerns regarding CV/Link were in today’s The Desert Sun.  It has perplexed me that he seems to be so publicly against this project when I so often see him riding his bike on what may eventually become sections of CV/Link.  Like Rancho Mirage Mayor Hobart, he says he isn’t against CV/Link in general, just the process… not enough “transparency” and not enough “independent” research on the value and cost of this project.

He told me that he supports everything Mayor Dana Hobart, says with regard to opposing the CV/Link.  Bond described CVAG Director, Tom Kirk, and County Supervisor, John Benoit, as “obstructionists.”  That makes no sense to me.  I told him I thought it was Mayor Hobart who is the obstructionist and that it seems to me Hobart loves the sound of his own voice and that it must even bore Bond when Hobart starts to publicly read his 35 minute objections to CV/Link. It was Bond’s response to this comment that made his CV/Link objections clear to me. My comment obviously upset Bond. He immediately ended the conversation by taking off on his bike and snapping back to me that he and Mayor Hobart are “close friends.”  Aww, I am no longer perplexed at his stance against CV/Link. 


  1. Almost every day, Bond rides the bike trails that will become part of CV Link. Very curious why he is against the Link. Interesting how his position has changed: first opposed to sharing the trail with golf carts and now the lack of “transparency” and “independent” research. He comes across as a very selfish person who wants the trail to himself … not wanting others to discover/ride where he rides. ”Does not play well with others” comes to mind!

  2. The "unknown" comment is from me, Gary Lueders

  3. The report of this morning's unpleasant encounter with Jim Rothblatt left me feeling a bit harassed. That feeling of harassment and ambushed continues after reading his untruthful description of our private conversation. Others may wish to comment here in his defense but further conversation is not one I see as remotely productive. It's for that reason I'll not comment further.

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  5. I would very much like to learn what parts of my description were "untruthful" and I am willing to offer corrections as appropriate. My intent on our chance meet up was for it to be a friendly encounter between two frequent recreational cyclists. I am sorry you don't see it that way. (Jim Rothblatt)

  6. Here was my response in the paper:

    Let's keep in mind that those who are against the project are a vocal few. While all opinions matter, these people continue to hack away at details that should not and will not get in the way of seeing CV Link built.

    I have agreed all along that the project needs to have a few questions answered and I am confident the issues named will be addressed.

    As for lack of vice. The CVAG appointees are mostly elected officials and therefor bring the voice of the people to the process. I am therefor wondering why it is stated that the people have no say here?

    We've had the Town Hall meetings. Lots of them. By and large the input is all favorable and people want to see this built. Yes there were those who spokle out against it but I'd dare say it isn't a mojority.

    If a few of the detractors would travel out of the desert, ride the bikeway facilities already built, they'd underdstnd the value of having something like CV Link.

    I have stood at a lot of Village Fest nights talking about CV Link to locals and tourists. As I recall, maye 3 or 4 told me it was not to their liking. Not scientific proof but certainly great anecdotal eveidence that a lot of people, hundreds of them, all said yes.

  7. As a young person who was born and raised in Palm Springs and has traveled to four continents and lived for several years abroad, I often look for cities that provide public cycling options for transportation when I am traveling. It is in this way that I have been able to safely cycle the streets of many busy cities around the globe on designated bike paths and with bike sharing programs provided by the city as a service to its tourists and local commuters. For many years I have wondered why the city of Palm Springs, and local surrounding areas, has not promoted and grown their cycling trails. When I first heard of CV Link, I thought of the exciting possibilities that could grow from a stronger cycling community, with an increase in commerce through pop-up retail opportunities and hotel-sponsored rides, as well as fitness programs that would fall in line with Michelle Obama's goals, and so much more.

    I live in Los Angeles now, and I always hear people express their love of Palm Springs, thanks to all of the wonderful events that have been in effect over the last decade. I also hear them say they wish they had more ability to ride bikes through the town-- they are often unaware of the current bike paths, and of course have little clue as to the current politics surrounding CV Link. With the cult-like popularity of indoor cycling like SoulCycle, Kinetic, FlyWheel, and AuraCycle, you'd think Palm Springs would jump at any opportunity to bring those cycling enthusiasts to the desert. Why anyone could oppose a program beautifully built to do that is a mystery to me.